Shimer Square Early Childhood Development Center


Early Childhood Development Center at Shimer Square

GROWTH was awarded an $800,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for its Shimer Square Job and Daycare Creation Project that will be used to help construct a new daycare facility on the campus. Total project costs exceed $1.8 million. Pending the results of the survey, construction is anticipated to begin in 2023. The effort is also anticipated to create 27 jobs that are accessible to residents within the region.
Shimer Square is a multi-phased, mixed-use development by GROWTH that encompasses a mixture of housing, business, and community facilities. Family friendly services such as quality childcare can contribute to an environment of work-life support and can help raise the profile and attractiveness of Mount Carroll and Shimer Square.  It is well known that existing childcare centers in the community have been operating at capacity for years with a long waiting list. 
In January 2023, GROWTH sought to hire a consultant to conduct a childcare feasibility study.  The City of Mount Carroll agreed to fund the required market study early in 2023 and GROWTH commissioned Triangle 2 Solutions, an experienced childcare center market analyst, to investigate the potential services and physical space that will be needed for a new childcare center and early childhood programs to serve the area. The assessment will determine and ultimately enable GROWTH to successfully develop a new construction, childcare facility at its Shimer Square campus.


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